3 Qualities You Must Have If You Would Like To Work As A Supply Teacher

The competition in the education market adds up to the seeming difficulty of landing a job as a supply teacher. Unless you have contacts who would get your services in case of temporary vacancies, you shouldn’t be taking things lightly.

Here are some qualities you should have to prepare yourself for the job role.


1. Flexibility

You must be flexible enough to teach different age groups or subjects for the matter. With a little imagination, research, and passion, you should be able to handle things and students well. Make an impression that you can manage any class and you should. The role of a supply teacher is subject to variety. You should be able to adapt to changes in culture, demographics, topics, etc.

This quality will come very handy when finding a stint gets tougher than usual.


2. Attendance

Planning your schedules right is the key to success, but also are your persistence and communications with one or a few recruitment agencies. You should make sure you do not miss any bookings if any, and call your placement firm early morning to check if you could have one. Be early, if not on time, for your class and do not accept bookings you cannot attend. Remember, you should be reliable.


3. Efficiency

You always have to be your best or outdo yourself when teaching. This way, the school administration will recognize you as a qualified supply teacher with dedication, passion, and expertise. Make sure you work hard and smart enough for school principals or supervisors to remember your effort and skills. Impress them to increase the likelihood of being hired again in the future, either for another temporary vacancy or a full-time post.


These are just three things to make you a suitable supply teacher.

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