What We Do


For Teachers Seeking Work

Recruitment and Placement

There are multiple ways in which OTJR Online gets teachers employed. While we accept any qualified teaching candidate, we focus on our NQTs who may have the most difficulty in finding jobs before their induction year.

We would like to provide the flexibility of working a supply teacher to experience different cultures among various schools and institutions. This prepares our NQTs to the reality and vocation they’ll be facing in the years to come.

However, if you think you’re already flexible enough to adapt to any culture, then we can help you land a permanent job.


For Schools Seeking to Hire

Our staff knows the pros and cons of teaching recruitment because at least once in our lives, we’ve gone through this tedious process. We are aware how crucial it is to fill in vacancies especially when there’s not much time. Because we acknowledge that there are more important things that school boards should focus on, we’ll help you find the right candidates to minimize your efforts.

Our firm consists of qualified education practitioners and recruiters who are acutely aware of the entire process – from the needs and demands to both parties expectations, to benefits and requirements.


Why Partner With Us

  • We base our operations on integrity, honesty, and quality.
  • We establish a long-term commitment to our clients, taking necessary changes into consideration and action.
  • We’re just a call or an email away.