OTJR Online has been a successful teaching agency in London for over 20 years. We have helped 1,000s of teachers find their dream job, and we can help you! While recruiters often say that finding the right candidate is manageable, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. More often than not, creating a match between school and teacher is tough especially when missing the right network. That’s when we come to the picture.

Whether you’re in pursuit of the perfect candidates to fill in your school vacancies, or of your dream job in the education industry, we’ll make life easier for you and closer to your goals.


We believe in the power of flexibility.

Our teaching candidates are free to choose the employment they prefer. They decide whether they want to be supply teachers, contractual, or permanent.


Reliable job placement.

With a select network, we can fill vacancies in a matter of hours. We have a pool of high-caliber educators who are ready to be deployed anytime.


We believe in commitment.

We make sure that we maintain caring relationships with our clients, with a commitment to help them in their current and future needs. We keep them coming back.

Our Team

The OTJR Online team consists of highly qualified education professionals and recruiters whose expertise have made a significant influence on the quality of teaching in London and nearby areas.

Our knowledge and experience have been our stepping stones to success, which also give us the intuition to point out and match the most suitable solutions to recruitment and job placement.

Recommend A Friend

You may also recommend your friends to us – a qualified teacher, a teaching aide, or a cover manager. Not only do you help your fellow find the best job to meet her preferences and expectations in the education industry, but you’ll also get yourself a voucher to your shop of choice.